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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

America’s Hanging By A Thread- Wendie Edwards

January 26, 2011 by Anonymous  
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By Wendie Edwards, March 24th, 2010

BC_5 - med“America is hanging by a thread” I’m hearing repeated over and over again on conservative talk radio. To us, that statement is prophetic of our time and isn’t surprising. What is surprising is how quickly it’s all coming about. I also hear “Remember your anger. Remember how it feels. Let it simmer down to your core and become who you are…” Hmmmm, not quite the way to peace, I think. Yes, we know America is hanging by a thread, but we also know what comes next, and that’s internal turmoil to the point of implosion of our American Government, as well as the people who we call “America.” I do not like what is happening in my government, but if we allow anger to motivate us to violence, we’ll find ourselves at the end of our liberty and square in the following prophesy…

“. . .He will speedily fulfill the prophecy in relation to the overthrow of this nation, and their destruction. We shall be obliged to have a government to preserve ourselves in unity and peace; for they, through being wasted away, will not have power to govern; for state will be divided against state, city against city, town against town, and the whole country will be in terror and confusion; mobocracy will prevail and there will be no payday loans massachusetts security, through this great Republic, for the lives or property of the people”  (J. Reuben Clark, Jr., The Improvement Era, May, 1944, p. 337).

But if it so be that this is where America is heading, then we must remember the second part of the quote, that we, as a people will uphold the constitution and all the principles it represents:

“When that time shall arrive, we shall necessarily want to carry out the principles of our great constitution and, as the people of God, we shall want to see those principles magnified, according to the order of union and oneness which prevails among the people of God” (J. Reuben Clark, Jr., The Improvement Era, May, 1944, p. 337.)

This must mean we can’t be angry. We can’t be violent. We have to be peaceful and unified in that time. We must understand the principles of the gospel that we might be called the “people of God,” for these are the people who will transcend that time, and no others.

—Wendie Edwards

Wendie Edwards is the author of the Millennial Glory Series published by Seventh Seal Publishing. She has written 10 books in this wonderful series about the last-days. The Millennial Glory Series is a saga of a family set in the time leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.


One Response to “America’s Hanging By A Thread- Wendie Edwards”
  1. Anthony E. Larson says:

    We must not forget that the Nephite story is a harbinger of things to come in our day and age. Mormon and Moroni both said so, as did many general authorities and prophets in recent times. The story in Helaman and 3 Nephi and its strikingly similarities to our recent past – including terrorism, political intrigue, and present economic trends – tells us that we are without mistake headed down that same path in nearly identical ways. It’s not something to get angry about; but we should be prepared and ready to do what we can to offset it. Studying Nephite history for those roadmarks is probably a very worthwhile endeavor so we can see them clearly for what they are.

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