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Friday, February 5, 2016

Is The Law of Attraction Witchcraft?

October 15, 2009 by Anonymous  
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Here is a quote from a witch discussing the movie The Secret:
Witchcraft and ‘The Secret’ – The Law of Attraction

Author: Khalell Zen Paraldan
Using the Secret in Magick

” The Secret someone spoke of the Emerald Tablet, Hermetic sciences, and magical thinking to the public in a well produced and marketed form without any stigma of magical lifestyle attached. Here was a group of people from various walks of life discussing and elaborating on things that I have come to understand for years through my own magical training. The true power to manifest desire and create your reality was coming into every household!”

” There was great surprise in finding that non-Pagan minded individuals have been teaching the fundamental concepts that my own magical endeavors are based upon for years; for the record there are some metaphysical specialists present as well who contributed to the project.”

“Taking the steps in mind, as a magical practitioner, one must clearly state and visualize what the desire is. Draw a picture, make a vision board via collage, paint your goal, offer in prayer. Most Witches and Magicians do this already, but for the beginning student of the Craft this can be a difficult first step to master. In the process outlined in The Secret, this is the Ask step. Do not focus on how it will come, only on the end result. Say it out loud if necessary. Think of this as placing an order in a catalog.”

“The next course of action to take would be Believe. For us Pagans, this is performed through ritual, more direct visualization, spellwork whether in-group or solitary, and journaling the experience. This step also for us implies praising and acknowledging the God and Goddess as well as any other spiritual forces that were called upon to help with the manifestation.”

‘The final piece of the process is what they call the step of Receive. Here we know that the request was received in the Astral and we are waiting for the manifestation to occur physically. Many occult authors have emphasized time and time again to picture and state your manifestation as already present or being experienced in the current moment. This crystallizes for your inner-self and unconscious mind the verification of power.”

‘So next time you are doing a ritual to achieve something that seems almost out of your reach, remember to Ask, Believe, Receive and the Universe will respond in kind: “Your Wish is My Command!”’

“Rather you are Wiccan, Teutonic, Druid, Kabbalist, Thelemite, or any other magical worker-Remember this: Think positive, intend love and happiness, avoid negative thought patterns and the wellspring of creation will move to bring it back to you in whatever form you truly wish. You not only can have anything you want, but you can also help heal the World with this knowledge.”

“Our duty, as Pagans, is to give back to the World that nurtures and protects us.”

Another component of the law attraction as it pertains to witchcraft (as well as in other settings for that matter) is what has become known as The Seven Steps in Demonstration. The Seven Steps in Demonstration can be summed up as follows:
1. The strong desire for something that is not yet there.

2. Knowing definitely what you do want, what you want to do or what you want to have or possess.

3. Asking the universe for that which you do desire in simple, clear and concise language.

4. Believing that you will be able to achieve that which is sought.

5. Working towards accomplishing or obtaining that which you desire. Through this step or phase you actually see yourself in the completed picture – having achieved or obtained what you are seeking.

6. Feeling sincere gratitude to the universe for what you have and for what you seek. The most powerful prayer to the universe actually is “Thank you, universe.”

7. Finally, you will want to be able to train yourself to live your life in what is described and defines as a state of happy expectancy.
The concept of law of attraction remains open to deliberation and debate. However, with that noted and recognized, the concept of law of attraction as it is generally understood today and as it has been described within the confines of this article is becoming more widely accepted throughout the world today. Indeed, in some countries the number of people who are familiarizing themselves with the law of attraction and who have started to adhere to the application of the principles and practices associated with the law of attraction is increasing dramatically. (And, again, this includes individuals who are practitioners of witchcraft, voodoo, and black magic as well.)

As you can see The Law of Attraction is completely in line with Witchcraft. He even expresses that shock that he was seeing his own practices made public. ” There was great surprise in finding that non-Pagan minded individuals have been teaching the fundamental concepts that my own magical endeavors’.

So we can conclude that the Law of Attraction truly appears to be related to witchcraft.

Alice Bailey one of the first to write about the Law of Attraction and explain its purpose wrote a book called A Treatise on White Magic. Alice Bailey is not looked at as as a witch but a spiritual teacher of ancient wisdom, the same beliefs of all those that are now teaching the Law of Attraction. I have other articles that go into more detail regarding Alice Bailey and the key role she plays in the New Age Movement and Luciferianism.

Here is a section from Wikipedia on A Treatise on White Magic by Alice Baily:

A Treatise on White Magic is a book by Alice Bailey. It is considered to be among the most important by students of her writings, as it is less abstract than most, and deals with many important subjects of her works in an introductory, even programmatic fashion. It was first published in 1934 with the subtitle ‘The Way of the Disciple’. She promulgated White Magic as a discipline to serve humanity.

It is an esoteric text, which Bailey said that she had received telepathically from a Tibetan Master. It is offered as a “basic textbook” for the Western aspirant to initiation, and is divided into fifteen rules of magic, each one taking the reader further into the mysteries of spirituality.

Topics discussed include: how an aspirant can best prepare himself for service, the various ray types of their influences, the relationship between the macrocosm and microcosm, the spiritual, astral and physical realms and their interactions, the spiritual psychology of man (although this is dealt with much more fully in the Esoteric Psychology volumes), The Hierarchy of Masters, esoteric groups and schools, the spiritual centres (or chakras), the occult concept of the Seven Rays, meditation work and much more. One of the main themes is that of soul control.

Ultimate purpose of White Magic

Students of the works of Alice A. Bailey and Theosophy believe that the ultimate purpose of White Magic is furtherance of the spiritual and material evolution of humanity. Specifically, this evolution is conceived in terms of the increased benevolent manifestation of seven spiritual energies or Seven Rays. It is further believed that adept practitioners of White Magic, wielding the power of the Seven Rays, can contribute to this evolution.

The seven rays are thought to reach humanity through a Spiritual Hierarchy, pictured as the source of inspiration behind all great cultural advancements, whether religious, scientific, philosophical, or practical. Students of these schools of thought think that the primary purpose of White Magic is the evolution of culture through the energy of Love-Wisdom (The second ray–the primary ray of which the other six rays are secondary expressions, because the second ray of Love-Wisdom is the ray of the Solar Logos, the governing deity of the Solar System.)

In the Theosophical Movement FAQ [1], Katinka Hesselink says of the founder of Theosophy [H. P. Blavatsky] that “She considered there to be two kinds of magic: black and white. White magic could only be performed by those pure of heart, mind and body – anything else was by definition black, because tinged with selfishness.”

We are told clearly in the church to avoid witchcraft.

First Presidency Message
By President James E. Faust
Second Counselor in the First Presidency

James E. Faust, “Serving the Lord and Resisting the Devil,” Liahona, Nov 1995, 3

” The mischief of devil worship, sorcery, casting spells, witchcraft, voodooism, black magic, and all other forms of demonism should be avoided like the plague.”

Copyright 2009


3 Responses to “Is The Law of Attraction Witchcraft?”
  1. Polprav says:

    Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. ndjili says:

    Here is a quote from the “LDS” author Carol Tuttle, who teaches the LAw of Attraction among other occult principles. As soon as I read it I recognized that it is what withcraft teaches (knowing a few wiccans in my time).

    “I teach the process of creation in a simple five-step process. Understanding this process, and practicing it to gain mastery, allows us to become master creators.
    The first step is to know what you want. To have a desire. Step two is to ask for what you want. Ask God. Ask the angels. Ask the Universe You are asking a power greater than yourself to assist you in creating it.
    Step three is to believe you can have it, to have faith, free of any doubt, that what you desire and have asked for is going to be manifest to you.
    Step four is to let go and allow. To basically get out of your own way and allow spirit to be in charge of bringing your desire to you. The only job you have to do at this point is to follow through with any inspiration regarding your physical actions on behalf of you manifestation.
    The fifth and last step is to express gratitude. ”

    She also teaches you how to cast an energy circle. Another spell.

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