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Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Age Movement- Self-Empowerment (Video)


This is a fantastic detailed overview of what self-empowerment is and how the new age movement and secular movments use this ideology and how it has infected Christianity and is spreading world wide. It delves into understanding the roots of the “Law of Attraction” especially discussing Napoleon Hill and the teachings of self-empowerment. It shows why it is the opposite of Christian doctrines.

Dave Hunt and Johanna Michaelsen Discuss New Age Philosophies and how they have Been Christianized. It covers: Self-Empowerment, Mystical Experiences, Napoleon Hill, Manifesting Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Creating anything that you want with your mind, Human Potential, Occultism, Theosophy, Nietzsche, Spirit Guides, Sorcery, Witchcraft, One World Government, United Nations, One World Spirituality, Mediation, Lucifer Appearing and an Angel of Light, Transformation, and far more.

It was filmed in the late 80’s but it is just as relevant today because it shows the same Self-Empowerment philosophies that we see now with newer leaders of this same movement. You will recognize these things today even more than they existed at the time this video was made.

I feel this video will help LDS recognize how the deception of self-empowerment is sneaking its way into LDS homes when we have been told to avoid Self-Empowerment. We need to be God-empowered not Self-Empowered. That is the difference between Humility and Pride; the very difference of following Christ or Lucifer as an angel of light.

1-11 The New Age Movement

2-11 The New Age Movement

3-11 The New Age Movement

4-11 The New Age Movement

5-11 The New Age Movement

6-11 The New Age Movement

7-11 The New Age Movement

8-11 The New Age Movement

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10-11 The New Age Movement

11-11 The New Age Movement

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