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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Occult Ideas Embraced Today


In the 60’s the idea of Age of Aquarius became popular and eastern philosophies were embraced by the hippies. They were the counter culture of that time. In the 80’s the new age became quite popular with their crystals, healings, astral projection and reincarnation but were laughed at by the media and made fun of. New Age leaders like Shirley MacLaine where called whack jobs by the Press. But things have  greatly changed in 20 years. Today the press calls them Spiritual Leaders and asked them to advise the world on matters of Spirituality during crisis times in America, though their philosophies are still the same, just repackaged under a new guise which is working well for they are accepted now. The path was laid by the teachings of the 60’s and now those that embraced those ideas are now in positions of power, therefore in places of great influence. The old ideas are dying away and these “new” ideas are being embraced as the right path.

After 9-11 Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Neale Donald Walsh and others occultists were found on every channel consoling America and the world with their false doctrines.

Marianne Williamson’s book she teaches from is “A Course in Miracles” it was channeled by Helen Shucman. Neale Donald Walsh’s books as well as other authors’ books are channeled by spirit entities.(demons)

They just no longer use the words “Spirit Guides’ or “Medium” like Shirley McClaine did. In her movie “Out on a Limb” she had a channeler actually channel a spirit on film.  She taught the spirit entities their lines and they said them on film. Today we see Esther Hicks channeling a collective of  spirit entities named Abraham and think nothing of it. Abraham teaches the Law of Attraction to all that will listen. No one laughs now, they just say it is truth and do not care what source it comes from.

They have many names from where this universal truth of laws of the universe come from some call it the “Source” or  “The Universe’ or “The Collective Consciousness” or “God” or  ” The Sacred Divine” whatever name they give it they all teach the same, that everyone can get in contact with the “It” to tap into natural laws. So millions and millions of people are buying these books and respect what these authors are saying, not caring what the true source is. They only care if the data seems true and if the principles actually work. In the past the importance of data was if the source was trustworthy, now just as in politics integrity, honesty and righteousness mean nothing to the public only what feels right or tickles there ears.

They teach the very same things but repackaged themselves since the 80’s new age movement. They are always going through repackaging from time to time. As soon as they have issues, they reinvent themselves as a New and better spirituality.

Most people are not interested in the Occult when it is presented directly but when it is written as self-help or done in a way like “The Secret” people can be easily deceived into accepting it. Once they get a toe in the water and it feels nice and warm they start submerging themselves deeper and deeper until they are up to their necks and swallow the stuff whole and drown themselves in what originally they would have called the occult or whack-job ideas.

It is a slow progression into the Occult. Yes some people take to it right away, but many are scared of it and do not learn what it is. We have been warned to stay away from these things, but we also have to know what they are to stay away. What has been interesting is the very people that “fear” the topic of the occult are also some that are the most susceptible to it. I feel strongly that we must know the enemy. That does not mean up close and personal, but a basic knowledge to be protected. Many of the same people that have expressed fear in knowing what the adversary’s counterfeit spirituality is, I have found doing Yoga, meditation and getting involved in things like “The Secret”, energy healing and many other aspects that seem pleasing and not scary. Once you get involved in those things you have now opened yourself up to influence from the wrong side in ways you never would have suspected. One of the most dangerous paths is doing any of the practices that open you up to reaching altered states of consciousness. This is where great danger lies. The altered state is where you are most easily given impressions by the adversary. It is the realm or location he can give his most clear inspiration to us.

The Occult rarely calls itself Occult; the words they use are: Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality, Self-help, Health, Self-Empowerment, Motivational and other benign terms. Therefore the reader or listener feels safe and comfortable and does not feel that they are being stretched outside of their comfort zone. But they are still being taught the foundations of the really occult ideas to come. There are many levels of initiation, many levels of desensitization that occur. That is their plan, to lull us all at the speed we each are comfortable to go at.

They say it is an evolutionary process of slow change and having watched this for 25 years I have seen it evolve into a force to be reckoned with.

They believe if they can win over enough persons to reach “critical mass” that the world will be swayed to their beliefs, which will leave true Christians in a very dangerous place. We will be and already are considered the enemy.

They lull you in through things like the Secret then the Moses Code and encourage you to take a vow of peace…step by step you inch your way on to the path to Lucifer’s Kingdom. Deepak Chopra is guiding people to that same idea, even the unknowing and uninterested in the Occult. They think “Why not” “Oprah and Ellen are saying it is good so it must be”……. And there goes the first toe………

These things may seem simple or just laws of the universe. I read the Law of Attraction before it was known to the mass public. The books that went into great detail of these Laws were occult books. These books claimed to have been written and channeled by spirit entities. So in other words the writer was possessed by a spirit that wrote the books. In some cases they hear an inner voice, others their hand writes and they don’t know what they are writing. They all proudly state that this is how their books are written. They take no credit for the work. If these were man’s ideas then the person would take credit, but they say it was from spirit guides or the Masters of Wisdom.

They also stated that the God of the planet is Lucifer and he is just misunderstood. They say he is bringing his Divine Plan to earth. The plan is a one world government and the universal true spirituality. The Spirituality they describe is the ideas we see today, the use of all the occult laws and powers and goals. They explained decades ago how they would infiltrate all religions and make their doctrines the way of the world. The plans that were written down 100 years ago have been coming to fruition.The world wide acceptance of these ideas has occurred as they said it would. I have watched this for 25 years knowing their plans and watching them step by step happen. Even more sadly I have witnessed wonderful people get pulled in unknowingly, never intending to lose their way, but seeking only to add upon truth.  In doing so they ended up embracing the new and letting go of the old truth that they never thought they would. They were only looking for more to add to the truth they knew to be true, not to replace it all together. Testimonies shatter, families break up and eternal lives are potentially lost. That is how subtle, seducing and dangerous these counterfeit ideas are.

These are not new ideas nor are they things that are taught in our Church. Our Church stands in opposition to these ideas. One key point is to know that all the original writers of the Law of Attraction plan for the destruction of Christianity using this very law. I will be posting much more on this subject and show the origins of the law of attraction. When people find out who is teaching this and why they are from the words of the original writers, it is a very eye opening experience. Things become clear why you cannot pick out pieces of truth out of it. It is not coming from doctrines of men, but doctrines of devils. The authors admit the data is taught to them by spirits.

I have heard people say, “well so what if it comes from the devil. If he is telling us truths…?” Just because something works does not mean it is a truth. Both sides have powers. Father and Lucifer. Lucifer had a plan that he wanted on earth. He still is trying to have that plan established.

Times have changed greatly. These things that were rejected as evil before are being embraced as truths. Ponder this…. in the last days the world will become very wicked and most will be following Lucifer. If the Law of Attraction is from God, why is it being embraced by the most wicked immoral people today? If something is so popular in the world that should in itself be a warning sign. We are not to be of this world, but a peculiar people. Why do the same teachers of this law say there is no sin, no God, no devil and that everyone is God? Why would spirit entities encourage us to use it? Would that not do them more harm than good, if good people used this law, if it is a law the Lord supports? As a world we are not getting wiser we are getting more wicked. These are not laws that are neutral. There are two choices our Moral Agency allows to choose between, Father and Satan. These “New” laws are secret laws that have been kept secret for thousands of years and taught only from masters to initiates with oaths, just like what we see in the book of Mormon regarding secret combinations. If anyone should recognize the history of this idea of secrets being passed in this manner it should be the LDS. We were warned about this in the Book of Mormon. But the problem is no one researches these laws offered to them by these spiritual teaches to see their origins. They take them at face value. They say if they work they must be good, or if they feel good then they must be good.  It is not coming from new science. It is coming from ancient teachings. There are only two teachings this ancient that started since the the beginning – Father’s and Lucifer’s.

A book that came out in the 1980 called the Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson has a mass of data that is pro-occult. She explains their conspiracy, naming names and gives quite a good overview of the history of the occult in all its many forms. Here are some interesting quotes from her:

( Transformative means things that cause you to awaken to the divine within)

“Transformative ideas also appear in the guise of health books and sports manuals, in advice on diet, business management. Self-assertion, stress, relationships, and self-improvement. Unlike “how-to” books of the past, these emphasize attitude, not behavior. Exercises and experiments are designed for direct experience from a new perspective.”

“When a critical number of thinkers has accepted the new idea, a collective paradigm shift has occurred. Enough people have caught onto the new perspective, or have grown up with it, to form a consensus.’

The Aquarian Conspiracy by Marilyn Ferguson


‘Some elements of [his]( President Jimmy Carter) world view may indeed be part of the new consensus—his casual style, his recognition that America must restrain its power, his sense of common humanity, his concern for ecology, his recognition that the that the ‘American way of life’ is culturally limited and needs to be judged by some transcendent values.” But our political leaders have never been the prophets of new light, in McLoughlin’s judgment. “They may implement it but they do not originate it.

He foresees that at some future point, no earlier than the 1990s, a consensus will emerge that will thrust into political leadership a president with a platform committed to fundamental restructuring. It will reflect the new belief system, with greater respect for nature, for others, for craftsmanship, and for success measured in terms of friendship and empathy, not money or status.

The reason an awakening takes a generation or more to work itself out is that it must grow with the young; it must escape the enculturation of the old ways. It is not worthwhile to ask who the prophet of this awakening is or to search for new ideological blueprints in the work of the learned.

23 pg Chapter 1 The Conspiracy

“A leaderless but powerful network is working to bring about radical change in the United States. Its members have broken with certain key elements of Western thought, and they may even have broken continuity with history.”

‘This network is the Aquarian Conspiracy. It is a conspiracy without a political doctrine. Without a manifesto. With conspirators who seek power only to disperse it, and whose strategies are pragmatic, even scientific, but whose perspective sounds so mystical that they hesitate to discuss it. Activists asking different kinds of questions, challenging the establishment from within.”

‘Broader than reform, deeper than revolution, this benign conspiracy for a new human agenda has triggered the most rapid cultural realignment in history. The great shuddering, irrevocable shift overtaking us is not a new political, religious. Or philosophical system. It is a new mind—the ascendance of a startling worldview that gathers into its framework breakthrough science and insights from earliest recorded thought.”

‘The Aquarian Conspirators range across all levels of income and education, from the humblest to the highest. There are schoolteachers and office workers, famous scientists, government officials and lawmakers, artists and millionaires, taxi drivers and celebrities, leaders in medicine, education, law. Psychology. Some are open in their advocacy, and their names may be familiar. Others are quiet about their involvement, believing they can be more effective if they are not identified with ideas that have all too often been misunderstood.”

“There are legions of conspirators. They are in corporations. Universities and hospitals, on the faculties of public schools, in factories and doctors’ offices, in state and federal agencies, on city councils and the White House staff, in state legislatures, in volunteer organizations, in virtually all arenas of policy-making in the country.”

“Some conspirators are keenly aware of the national, even international, scope of the movement and are active in linking others. They are at once antennae and transmitters, both listening and communicating. They amplify the activities of the conspiracy by networking and pamphleteering. Articulating the new options through books, lectures, school curricula, even Congressional hearings and the national media.”

‘Others have centered their activity within their specialty, ming groups within existing organizations and institutions, exposing their co-workers to new ideas, often calling on the rger network for support, feedback, back-up information.”

“And there are millions of others who have never thought of themselves as part of a conspiracy but sense that their experiences and their struggle are part of something bigger, a larger social transformation that is increasingly visible if you know where to look. They are typically unaware of the national networks and their influence in high places; they may have found only one or two kindred spirits in their workplace, neighborhood, or circle of friends.”

‘There are tens of thousands of entry points to this conspiracy.”

What I have found quite shocking is what she describes is not even remotely close to how big it really is or how it is truly organized. In her book that was written in 1980 she explains so much that is in the plans which have occurred. As I said earlier books written 100 years ago have also come to be correct in what they said was going to happen. The books I was referring to are the books by Madam Blavatsky. She is considered the mother of the new age movement. She is the first to have brought to the west the “Secret Doctrines” of ancient wisdom. This information was only passed Master to initiate, but now in the world parts are taught openly for the world is ripe with iniquity. These doctrines, which would have been seen as great heresy and blasphemy in the past, are being  accepted by this wicked generation as truths. She even talks of Lucifer as the good one and says he is the God of this planet. The occult today is being embraced and accepted as no time before, except for possibly the times of Noah.

Copyright 2009


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  1. denise says:

    Thank you for this article ! Hopefully it will open many eyes to the Truth!! Dee

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