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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Oprah and Esther Hicks on XM Radio: Discussing the Real Secret (Parts 1-3)

November 23, 2009 by Anonymous  
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Sometimes one needs to hear it with their own ears. If anyone wonders if how far Oprah is into the occult this audio is pretty clear. Esther Hicks is a medium for spirit guides that call themselves Abraham. Oprah is clearly familiar and supportive of Esther Hicks and her teachings. Oprah is has commented on a mission to awaken the world. She wants to awake them to this kind of spirituality. She may talk about God but the definition of God is completely different than the God of Abraham. She believes in the “God Within” or the belief “I Am God”. This spirituality does not believe in a God that judges man for man is god.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 2 Esther Hicks on Oprah’s XM Radio show aired 04/05/07

The Secret: The Law of Attraction |

Part 3 of 3

Please click below link  to listen to part 3 of the interview of Esther Hicks with Oprah on XM radio.


6 Responses to “Oprah and Esther Hicks on XM Radio: Discussing the Real Secret (Parts 1-3)”
  1. John 'Uluakiola says:

    I almost cannot believe how open these people are in their open deliberate promotion of the Adversary! (Who apparently finds some humor or irony in taking upon himself – and/or his minions – the name of a pinnacle prophet of old; the Father of our covenant house – Israel – and our sacred lineage). The real ’secret’ behind this bicameral ’secret combination’ (with one political machination and one false-spiritual edifice) is being layed out in full unimpeded view! I am almost speechless! The blatant arrogance and pompous display of selfish pride in their ‘esoteric’ (really Hell-driven) source of their inspiration just makes me shake my head in near disbelief! Thanks for exposing this evil (soon malevolent and destructive) nonsense, Rosabella. The pending wave of false religion (or the movement of false prophecy – doctrinally detailed in the Book of Revelation and the Doctrine and Covenants) is beginning to tide. This is in direct relation to the swelling tide of atheism that will be soon quelled by the coming coordinated/manufactured tragedies that will usher mankind to believe in something… Anything… And – my goodness – look what the ‘powers-that-be’ are laying out for men to consume. (When the swelling tides of crisis temporarily pass). MY GOODNESS!!! “Trust in the Lord” – and Him alone!

    • Dee says:

      I can personaly attest to the benefits of believing that our pupose in life is love, joy, and happiness. Since applying the teachings of Abraham to my life my relationships with my family and friends have evolved to a level unknown by me before now. The amount of love and happiness in my life has increased ten fold since I learned to let go of the dogmas set forth by others. Since learning not to concern myself with the judgements and beliefs of others I have experienced a sence of freedom beyond the senses. It is truley heaven on earth. So, my wish for you and everyone, is that you someday find the allingment you are so desperatley seeking and missing for it is a beautiful thing. We are all children of the same universe. God bless.

      • Dee

        Thank you for your sweet and respectful post. I truly respect your conviction and sincerity. I understand what you mean by our purpose in life being love, joy, and happiness for I have found that very experience in the most profound and transcendent manner, beyond anything imaginable. I live in a state of peace and love in my heart for all humanity and indeed all creation. I have had numerous spiritual experiences that surpass anything this earth has to offer. I have experienced these within the context of my religion. My faith encourages me to treat all people with respect, honor and the utmost gentleness and kindness and never to pass judgment on any person. I like you believe we are all Children of the same universe the only difference is I believe the universe is created and governed by a personal Father-God that loves each and every one of His Children beyond that which we can comprehend.

  2. The Adversary says:

    Well my misinformed friend. The adversary you speak of (Satan) did nothing more than question GOD. Who I might add killed entire cities. At times sparing women and children, (not always) and making them slaves! I would question that as well! Satan is humanistic in nature (the forces of nature) christianity is a silly religion for sheep! People who fear to think for themselves! As far as the secret goes, it promotes positive thought for positive results! And this is bad how? God lied to Eve. Did Lucifer? christianity through history has sacrificed animals, humans, raped, lied, covered up, religious cleansing, etc. etc. etc. Besides Jesus is truly a recycled Myth! And you speak of Mormon works. Don’t even get me started. Joseph Smith was a child molester and the Mormon church was into alchohol and tobacco trade. Not to mention Polygomy and Free Masonry!!! Come on get a life! Charles Manson christian, Albert Fish christian! The KKK christians! The crusades led by the christians, the witch hunts again led by the christians. If you believe in Santa the tooth fairy and jesus then fine! But the Secret has nothing to do with your made up deities. For without a fear of Hell or a promise of heaven would people even go to church! And as a crazy religious nut, what are you compensating for? Are you a sicko or sex addict or something?

  3. Keara says:

    Anyone who is so passionately against abraham in these comments is incredibly sad to me. I just turned 18 and I thank god, spirit, and myself. for finding abraham because it has saved my life. I am one of many who as struggled with depression my whole life. After graduating highschool i was spiraling downward faster then I could think. And i could have easily been one of the many in my age group who has commited suicide these past few years. Easily. But abrahams words reached me. Spoken to me in ways no song, no adult, no preacher. could ever hope to do. Give it a rest people. All this is.. is about positive thoughts. No rituals. No mandatory meetings. No criteria. Pure. Positive. Thought. I come from an extremely christian family that I struggled to please my entire life. I struggled to be exactly what a good christian girl was “supposed” to be. And I never felt good about myself. I was always critisized by the christian community. And to be perfectly honest, had it not been for abrahams words of wisdom i would have resented and rebeled against christianity in my adulthood out of pure desperation. But ive learned to accept. I accept the contrast ive experienced in my life knowing the intention behind it was good, just as the intention behind abraham is good. If jesus has taught you anything. You would understand the bigger picture. Its about embracing eachother for the greater good, not for you personal ego in what you consider to be good. Jesus didnt ask people there race or religion before aiding them… this is why i use to hate christians… the bitterness and judgment is all i use to hear. And it drove me into absolute darkness. Please let us shed these ancient ideals, or at least our interpretations of them that continues to hold us apart. And embrace this evolution of thought. Along with most everyone i know in my graduating class. we consider this to be an era of awakening. And i couldnt be more happy to be alive :)

  4. Vicky says:

    This is a time of awakening…wake up!! There is more to you than meets the eye. Abraham is is Seth Speaks. So is Meher Baba, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna..and all the others who knew the same thing that Abraham speaks to you. If you listen to what Jesus said…he says the same thing that Abraham says. You just aren’t hearing it. WAKE UP!!

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