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Monday, February 8, 2016

Site At Risk Of Being Shut Down

February 20, 2011 by Anonymous  
Filed under Site Announcements


Unfortunately this site is in danger of being closed. We are having financial difficulties. This will end my ability to write articles and post them, do research for a book, or any of the other goals I have had.

We are trying to figure out a means of extra income to keep the site alive. At this time my husband is working over 70 hours a week and we are not making it financially. We have no extra unnecessary expenses, no date nights or any kind of other luxury to cut out. I have had for just a short time the smallest TV package so I could watch the news and see some of the shows that are supporting the new age doctrines on stations like the History Channel and record them for documentation in my book and writings. The TV is solely for research. I have never been a TV person and have at times gone without TV for a years at a time, but felt it was a necessary expense due to trying to write about how we are being indoctrinated by the media into new age thinking.

We have not had the financial means for me to visit doctors or pay for needed medications that might have helped me get better and to be able to work or at least not be bedridden. I had high hopes because we finally just got health insurance again, but we still lack the money for the doctor visits. At this time I have had an added health issue. This month I have started to go blind in one eye. I have seen two eye specialists and they do not understand the cause or the how it will progress. So this is HGH of grave concern for me. Time may be of the essence to publish books for it will be far more difficult if this condition worsens to have the ability to read and write. I do not know the prognosis because as I said the doctors have no idea why I am experiencing blindness in my focal vision.

I feel like I am in a catch 22. I need to see doctors to help me get better so I can get a job to make money to keep this site running, but there is no money to see them nor a means to get to the doctor because my husband works all the time and I cannot drive. The only answer is to cut back, but we are now left with only cutting back things that are necessities for my writing.

If my site was financially self-sustaining it would allow us to keep the site up and running, but not if it is strain on our income and may very well need to be closed. This for me is like a death sentence. I feel like my very life’s purpose is being taken away. I can move my site to a free domain, but I cannot pay for the internet access, therefore cannot continue to publish any new articles.

My Bishop has asked me to see if there are any persons willing to donate to this site to keep it running. If you are willing please let me know by site e-mail how much and how often you can donate. This will give us an idea if there is enough donations to be able to continue this site or if we need to cancel it.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

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