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Friday, February 12, 2016

The Book “Adam-Ondi-Ahman” I Assisted On Has Just Been Released.

October 17, 2010 by Anonymous  
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Adam ondi Ahman

Hot off the presses!

Adam-Ondi-Ahman the 10th Book in the Millennial Glory Series by my friend Wendie Edwards has just been published and available for purchase. It can be ordered online or is now being sold in LDS bookstores.

In Adam-Ondi-Ahman Wendie Edwards represents the great deception of Lucifer’s counterfeit Gospel the New Age Movement. Being the tenth book in this series it is helpful to have read the preceding books for a better understanding of all the characters and storyline. Nevertheless this book as a standalone book is very helpful in seeing more clearly the differences between the true spirituality of God the Father and His Church versus the counterfeit spirituality of Lucifer’s that is being widely accepted as universal truth in the world today. The New Age Movement has cleverly orchestrated the twisting of crucial Gospel doctrines to lead even members of the LDS Church away from the True Restored Church of Christ and into the beguiling trap Lucifer has set for multitudes upon the earth.

It was a wonderful experience to assist Wendie Edwards in the research and part of the creative aspects of her book. I feel she has done an excellent overview of the new age movement and why it is vital to understand the difference between these two opposing spiritualities in order to not be beguiled with the rest of the world.

I recommend Wendie Edward’s books highly. She is creative, brilliant and right on the mark with her research and understanding of the possible paths the last days could hold. Her writings are very creative and rich in fascinating possibilities combining deep doctrines with intriguing and sometimes whimsical plot lines and characters. Wendie has a very unique writing style where at the end of each fictional chapter she gives quantities of well-researched documentation to support her storyline. Within these endnotes she supplies the reader with scripture references, quotes from Church Leaders, scientific data and even quotes from the writings and statements of New Age Leaders and thinkers.

FYI I do not get any $ for promoting her book or the sales thereof.  I donated my time and research to assist her in the effort to awaken people to the counterfeit spirituality that is taking the world by storm, including LDS members.

To purchase any of the Millennial Glory Series you can go to:

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