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Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Third Eye and the dangers of seeking to “open” it.

October 16, 2009 by Blake Knightley  
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Ancient Hindu philosophy teaches we are both physical and non-physical, that the non-physical or spiritual part of us exists primarily as a flow of vibrating energy. This energy comes in and out of the body and tends to be concentrated along channels of energetic flow. The points on the body where energy channels enter or leave the body are called in Hinduism Chakras. This system has been adopted fully by the new occult.

Each of the seven chakras is believed to govern different aspects of consciousness. Some of these chakras are paired, with one opening up in front and one in back and these pairs have complementary functions. This articles focuses on the sixth chakra, which it is claimed opens through the forehead and the back of the head. This Chakra is sometimes called the third eye.

The sixth chakra or third eye is of particular interest to occultists because it is the principle chakra involved in psychic powers or in other words spiritual gifts, particularly ones that involve images or the perception of sight.

“Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, p.174
“ The sixth chakra reveals pictures. These pictures can be either symbolic, with a very personal meaning for the patient, or literal. Literal pictures are pictures of events that have happened, are happening or will happen. They are also images of things that exist. When I say images, I don’t necessarily mean you see them as you do with your eyes, but you do receive a picture in your mind that gives a strong enough impression and allows you to observe it in a way that might allow you to draw or reproduce it if you wished. For example, in the case of the leg pain, the sixth chakra might reveal an image of the blood clot associated with phlebitis, or the healer might simply see the strained muscle, depending on what the cause of the pain is. The image could appear on a screen in the healer’s mind, as on TV, or it could appear to be coming directly from inside the leg, as it would to normal sight. The sixth chakra could also reveal a Symbolic picture that would have some meaning for the client but most likely not much meaning for the healer. The symbolic picture would appear on the healer’s mind-screen. The sixth chakra could also reveal, in picture form, the patient’s past experience that is connected to the leg pain, such as an image of a child falling off a tricycle and bumping her leg right where the pain is now, say twenty years later. This direct access is rather like watching a movie.
Note that I have been referring to receiving pictures. Perceiving means receiving. Perception is receiving what is already there, either in symbolic form or in literal form. Visualizing is an entirely different function. The process of visualization is actively creating. In visualization you create a picture in your mind and give it energy. If you continue to hold it clearly in your mind and give it energy, you can eventually create it in your life. You have thus given it form and substance. The clearer the image and the more emotional energy you project into it, the more you will be able to create it in your life.”

This capacity to see beyond the limits of normal vision includes even the ability to see inside of things, a sort of x-ray vision.

Ibid. p.157
“Internal vision is the human version of the x-ray or nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) process and is just as sophisticated. Internal vision includes the ability to look into the body at whatever depth and resolution (within a certain range) one wants to see. It is a new way of perceiving things. If I want to see an organ, I focus on it. If I want to see inside the organ or a specific part of it, I focus on that. If I want to see a microorganism that is invading the body, I focus on that. I receive pictures of these things that look like normal pictures. For example, a good healthy liver looks dark red, just as it does with normal vision. If the liver has been or is jaundiced, it will look a sickly yellow-brown. If the person has had or is having chemotherapy, the liver usually looks green-brown. Microorganisms look somewhat the way they look under the microscope. My experiences of internal viewing, which happened spontaneously at first, later became more controllable. I began to understand that to see this way I had to be in a particularly open state, in which my third eye (sixth chakra) was activated and the rest of my mind was in a comparatively calm, focused state.”

The Third Eye has been described as the spiritual organ of inner-sight. Through it occultists claim they can exercise such gifts as clairvoyance, remote viewing, Internal vision, and others. occult disciples seek to “open” their third eye in order to be able to manifest these gifts. They use primarily meditation techniques to accomplish this. They say it consists largely of activating the dormant pineal gland in the brain, which they believe to be the center of the sixth chakra and the place where it joins the principal energy channel that runs the length of the body and connects all the chakras. It is also interesting to note that while the front opening of the chakra is all about receiving information and processing it creatively, the back-of-the-head opening is the output channel through which intentions that are developed in the third eye are put out as it were into the universe. It would seem then that it is this Chakra, which is believed to be the primary channel through which intentions are expressed and executed, in other words, it is the chief executive channel for the law of attraction.

ibid p. 78

“The forehead center (chakra 6A) is associated with the capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts, This includes the person’s concepts of reality and the universe or how he sees the world and how he thinks the world is likely to respond to him. At the back of the head, the mental executive center (chakra 6B) is associated with implementing the creative ideas formulated through the center in the forehead. If the executive will center is open, one’s ideas are followed with the appropriate action to cause them to materialize in the physical world.”

Wiccan Pagan Dictionary

THIRD EYE – organ of intuition, located between the eyebrows; sixth chakra divided into five categories by the Tibetans: 1. Eyes of Instinct, supernormal range of vision like a bird. 2. Celestial eyes taking in heaven, Earth, past and future birth. 3. Eyes of Truth, taking in world epochs. 4. Divine Eyes, taking in millions of world periods. 5. Eyes of Wisdom of Buddha’s, taking in eternity. (NAD)

It becomes increasingly clear that the law of attraction is occult in nature, as it is closely tied to the esoteric hindu teachings regarding the seven chakras.

It is the author’s opinion that while the notion of chakras and metaphysical energy channels cannot be proven or refuted, there could be a reason why our psychic sixth sense is closed most of the time. To open it is to become an easy target for deceivers from the spirit world (evil spirits). If this theory is true, then when opened we are able to obtain spiritual revelations from the wrong side. There is a means that God also uses when we are in-tune with the Spirit to give us revelations from time to time. I dare say that it is not in the way the third eye is described by Occultists.  If it were, then the Scriptures and Doctrines of the Church would clearly teach us these practices to receive revelations, but instead we are taught to become pure, righteous and obedient to receive revelations and blessings. We are taught that if we are worthy and if  there is a need for spiritual sight, vis-a-vis His plans and purposes He will give us such revelations. I do not think we  should try to open a chakra ourselves to cause this to happen or we may easily be led astray by Lucifer and his followers. This again is a clear example of Thy will be done or My will be done. For us to receive true revelations or gifts of the Spirit it not by our will, it will be by Father’s means, in which we do not need to do anything more than what he has told us to do. These occult practices must be avoided for they are the means of revelation that Lucifer uses, for it is exactly how the occult teaches to communicate with the fallen angels.

Afterthought: Rhonda Byrne is shown here with a decorated or pierced forehead, wearing third-eye jewelry, a common practice among hindus and some occultists. It symbolizes the clear connection between The Law of Attraction and the occult teachings about the sixth chakra.

rhonda_byrne2RHONDA-BYRNE - Copybyrne-1Rhonda 3pic

Copyright 2009 by Rosabella Knightley


8 Responses to “The Third Eye and the dangers of seeking to “open” it.”
  1. brlbu says:

    Bella, I’m impressed that you don’t discount the reality of these ’structures’ (chakras, et al.), but warn against cultivating their use. Early ’70’s I was exploring a lot of these philosophies and hanging out with various groups in the Bay Area. I had direct experience with some of these things, including ’streaming kundalini’. Powerful stuff, actually.

    But I think your analysis is correct, they lead to power and abilities that accrue around the self.

    I had a friend who hung out in some of the West Coast communes during that period. She ran into the fellow extolled as a very ‘high being’ in Richard Alpert’s (Baba Ram Dass), Be Here Now, whom he had met in India. My friend said this fellow traded the notoriety and status he received from being feated in Alpert’s book for sexual favors from multiple females who were impressed by his ‘high spirituality’.

    Then there is the well known guru who was charged with molesting the early teenage sons of one of his American devotees. I could site other experiences and examples along the same line.

    Seems actual righteous behavior doesn’t necessarily equate with the state of being at one with the universe.

    Bella, I post at LDSFreedomForum and appreciated what you did there. The attack on you by a particular individual was trully amazing. I don’t think motivation for that attack came from benign sources.

  2. brlbu says:

    Anyway of editing these comments. I should have said: I’m impressed that Blake Knightly . . . . .

  3. Thanks brlbu

    Blake and I both worked on this article so you are correct on both comments :)

    You are right, being one with the universe does not make you a good or safe person to be around. It does not fruit righteousness. It may fruit a sense of well-being for the individual but that does not indicate sanctity.

    I feel there are many things that may be true and exist but that we are not to dabble in them for we have been warned not to. There are reasons we may not fully understand yet, just as a child may not understand why they cannot play in the street.

    The new age is all about self: so much of it really appeals to the natural man in us. They even glorify being natural and going with the flow of your feelings and desires not suppressing them.

  4. brlbu says:

    Hey Bella and Blake. I sent the link to your website to Henry Makow. We communicate now and again.

    His latest post may indicate this influenced the focus of his current post(written by Rollin Stearns on behalf of Makow): . Take a look at his post and the comments it invoked.

    He also has another link at end of his post that gets into charges leveled against the guru cited in the article:

    Related- (Sexual Exploitation Charges Against Satchidananda)

    Satchidananda –The Temptation Was Too Great:

    This is almost a mirror image of the very famous guru (Baba Gi, as I recall), who was seducing the young boys of a couple who were staying at his ashram. And certainly follows the pattern of the fellow idolized by Ram Dass in his Be Here Now book.

  5. brlbu says:

    Incidentally, I spent about 3 hours reading Constance Cumbey’s latest book posted on the web. Some really good stuff.

  6. brlbu

    Thanks I will check out those sites.

    Yes, Constance Cumbey has some great information. If you have not checked out Reinventing Jesus Christ by Warren Smith yet, he is excellent too! You can find his book online free to read at There are more updates to his book but they have not put them back online yet. You can sometimes find them on an archive site.

    Thanks again!

    Rosabella & Blake

  7. Sunshine says:

    I have a friend who was deceived by this very thing. She was very strong in the church, temple marriage, etc. She became obsessed with the third eye among other things and was completely deceived. She does generational healing through this means. She has since left the church and has been completely taken over. I vote we seek for the Spirit to guide us and seek Spiritual Gifts and wait upon the Lord to bestow these gifts (charity, discernment, etc.) as He chooses and as we are ready to receive them. Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. I enjoy reading all that you have posted on this site.

  8. Jason says:

    The dot on the forehead is called a ‘bindi’ in case you wanted to know.

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